Kick The Training Wheels Off With These Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a bike for my child?

All of our bikes are given away through a network of non-profits, community organizations, churches and schools. We have already worked with many organizations, and more apply to receive bikes every year. The best way to get a bike is to contact one of these types of organizations in your neighborhood and ask if they are connected with FB4K Delaware. If not, ask them to consider getting involved with FB4K Delaware. Organizations can apply for bikes here.

How do I donate a bike?

To find out when our next drop-off date is, visit our Donation Information page. Please consider hanging onto bikes until the next drop-off date, if you are able to, rather than selling or donating them to Goodwill, etc. If you can also donate $25 in addition to your bike, that will virtually cover the cost for us to get your bike back in ‘good as new’ condition for its new owner. If you don’t see a scheduled donation event in the near future, please feel free to send us an email.

What kind of bikes is FB4K Delaware looking for?

Free Bikes 4 Kidz Delaware is looking for new or gently used bikes of any size (including Strider bikes with no pedals). We are looking for bikes that are in good, rideable condition and need minimal work in order to get them looking and running well. We are not looking for bikes that are rusted, missing wheels, bent wheels, or basically in “rough” shape. We want to give away bikes that look good and are safe and fun to ride. We want the kids to be excited to receive these bikes. We don’t have the time or resources to fix up severely damaged bikes.

Is FB4K Delaware a 501(c)(3) non-profit? Can I contribute financially to FB4K and help get more bikes to kids?

Yes. And yes. We are a registered non-profit so 100% of your contribution is tax deductible. (You will receive a receipt from us for all contributions.) We gladly accept contributions of any size. We spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 to get each bike in tip-top shape, so your donation will help get more bikes to more kids. Our all-volunteer board ensures that about 90% of all contributions go directly toward bikes for kids — only a small percentage is used to cover other costs. Visit our Financial Donations page, where you will be able to make a donation online using your credit card. Or, if you would rather, you can send a check to our mailing address, also listed on our Contact Us page.

I would like to volunteer my time to help. What can I do?

We need many volunteers to clean, repair, and help us give away bikes. We love people who have mad bike repair skills, but if you don’t have that ability, we still desperately need you. If you can clean a bike with some spray and a rag, we need you. If you can pump up tires we need you. If you can change tires and lube chains and hubs, we need you. If you can help us move, load, and unload bikes, we need you.

Here’s what you do. Go to the Volunteer page and send us an email. You can register as an individual, or you can register a whole group that you are bringing along with you.

How does my non-profit, community organization, church, or school get on FB4K Delaware’s radar so that we can be recipients of bikes?

You can Apply 4 Bikes online and tell us about your organization – what you do, where you’re located, your history, if you are a registered non-profit, etc. We will contact you.

I don’t live in Delaware, but would like to start a Free Bikes 4 Kidz affiliate in my city. Can you help me do that?

Great question. FB4K is in 18 cities around the US, and always looking to grow. Please get in touch with Terry Esau (, our Executive Director, for more details.

I work in the media and would like to help tell your story. Who should I contact?

Tom Vaughan ( is the President of Free Bikes 4 Kidz Delaware, and he would be happy to talk with you or connect you with others in the organization. We believe we have a great success story that has only just begun!